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My name is Ally! I'm a 16 year old Hayniac, Hunter Hayes is my life! Loki is my FAVORITE villain! Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downy Jr are AMAZING! XOXO

Pilots License


Authors note: This randomness can be blamed on watching old interviews and being absolutely scared to death of flying or heights in general. I hope you enjoy it and I think this is as far to steamy as I will get just cause it makes me uncomfortable to write. So here you go. And FYI its not steamy at all in my opinion but what can I say. And I might write something longer tomorrow…. I have an idea! We’ll see!?

"Babe, random question?" Hunter asked looking over at me with his guitar in hand. He had been working on a song and I was reading a script, just enjoying each others company while we had the chance. "Yea." I said glancing up from my script. "If I get my pilots license would you fly with me?" He asked cocking an eyebrow in the sexy way he does. "I love you so much. but that’s going to be a negative." I said looking up to meet his beautiful blue eyes.

"Why not?" he asked almost concerned and sort of hurt. "Hunter, I’m petrified of flying, I get sick to my stomach every time i’m in an airplane." I said setting the script on the coffee table. "But I would be flying the plane so there would be nothing to worry about." He said giving me a smirk and I chuckled. "Yes but I would have nobody to hold me when I get nervous cause you would be flying the plane and I wouldn’t dare distract you." I laughed trying and failing to plead my case. "Look, all i’m saying is its going to be a while until I actually get my license and I would like to have you there with me when I take my first flight as a pilot." He said putting his guitar down and pulling me into his lap.

"I know your scared of it, but I would love for you just to take a short flight with me and experience this dream with me, because your the only person I want to be with as my copilot." He nuzzled his nose into my neck. I straddled his lap and put my arms around his neck. "Fine, if you want me to go with you on your first flight then I will, But as soon as we hit the ground you my handsome man are mine."

I whispered seductively into his ear. “You don’t have to wait until then for that baby.” He chuckled before kissing me passionately. Before I knew it he had picked me up, my legs still wrapped around his waist and carried me to the bedroom.

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